One epic partnership. Over 40 years of durably waterproof,

highly breathable, and totally windproof performance.

High-Performance Heritage

In 1976 our founders discovered a new fabric technology called GORE-TEX. They started designing expedition tents, down parkas, and sleeping bags with its waterproof, breathable membrane—and forever changed the outerwear game. Fast forward a few decades, the same promise remains: gear that’s Guaranteed to Keep You Dry™.


3D cubes conform to the shape of your body to trap warmth next to skin, prevent insulation from shifting, and eliminate cold spots. At the same time, the channels between each cube fill with warm air, which—unlike other down jackets—quickly builds a second source of thermal protection.


See it in action at the Toray Technorama, the most advanced gear-testing lab on earth, in temps down to -40°F and through wind, snow, and rain.


Looking to survive a polar vortex or bag your next high-altitude peak? We’ve got the warmest winter coats and insulated gear for you. Patent-pending WarmCube construction sets our down jackets, parkas, sleeping bags, and more apart from scores of other puffy coats and outdoor equipment on the market. Between each cube, there’s a channel that flexes and molds to your body, plus the space between each baffle also holds hot air. After testing in the most advanced gear lab on Earth, thermal imaging showed WarmCube air channels were the first to fill and the last to release warm air, allowing the body to efficiently generate and retain heat. As you’re out there belaying or pushing for cold summits, WarmCube will provide the protection you need.